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Vanguard Productions is a full service video production, multimedia, and advertising company with over 25 years of experience producing high-quality marketing, broadcast, instructional and educational videos & DVDs. From "Script to screen" we provide one stop shopping for clients offering an array of services including:

•  Professional Camera Work and Lighting
•  Full Video Post-production Facility
•  Concept Development
•  Pre-Production Coordination
•  Scripting
•  Graphic Design, Animation, and Special Effects
•  Audio Recording and Custom Sound Design

In short, we provide everything you need for a high quality video production at reasonable rates.

At Vanguard Productions, we draw on our time-proven experience and your first-hand knowledge to create a successful video for your marketing and communications strategy. It's our mission to guide you through the creative production process effectively and efficiently, delivering high-quality digital media that meets your specific objectives.

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